A Concise Guide to Making Money on Medium

How does earning money on Medium work?

Medium members pay $5 per month. A small portion of this is paid to you based on how long these medium members spend on reading your posts.

The objective here is therefore to get as many medium members as possible to read your posts.

Before you get started

First make sure your are signed up with the Medium partnership program as this is what enables you to start earning money.

To do this follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen and select Medium Partner Program
2. Follow the instructions provided, filling in your bank details, tax payer information etc.
3. Check your Stripe account is good to go by selecting view stripe account under payment preferences

After completing all these steps all that is left for you is to start writing !

Step-by-step guide to writing Medium Posts for optimised income

Whether its sports, languages or cleaning. There is always a market for any of your interests. It is always a good idea to map out exactly what your interests are so you enjoy writing Medium posts. This is to ensure your not writing for topics which you think will earn money or become popular . It is true, certain markets have a larger reader base than other but enjoyment is the key here to writing blog posts consistently which will earn you more money in the long run.

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It is also a good idea to put the topic areas which you wish to write about on your profile so Medium readers have a good idea of what sort of posts to expect from you. In addition, if interests match and they like your material you can expect a follow.

Building a strong member follower base is crucial if you want to start earning money from the get go.

Two hours every Sunday morning or perhaps half an hour day. Set a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Set time blocks during the day or week for writing medium posts. These time blocks ideally should be at the same time each day or week in order to build a good habit.

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It is advised that you spend at least one to two hours per blog post. This may seem like a lot of time but the quality of your posts must be high; this means really spending the time grammar checking, adding visuals and re-wording sentences.

For writing blog posts it is quality over quantity.

Whether its sharing your posts with your friends, family or on social media platforms it is crucial that you make the public aware of what your writing.

Syndicate your work. This means posting your articles in similar platforms such as Wordpress, Book in a week or Blogger. In addition promote your blogs in relevant websites. If you were to write a post about languages for example, look for language blogs or language based websites where you can contact individuals that are interested in your topic area to read or help promote your post. You will be surprised by how much popularity you can gain.

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Getting a large view count will increase the amount of claps you get per post. This in turn will increase the chances of medium members reading your blogs resulting in increased revenue.

After writing and promoting several posts look at which posts have gained popularity and seek feedback. This means contacting individuals who have clapped your post and ask, what did you find interesting about my post? Why did you clap it? And requesting readers to put their thoughts about your post in the comments below.

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Observe, research and improve

Look at the feedback given and make adjustments accordingly, whether that’s adding more visuals, shortening sentences or improving the layout of your blog.

Focus on the topic areas which have gained popularity and try to accumulate knowledge in these areas.

Focusing your posts into one or several topic areas will show readers that you are interested and dedicated in your field. This will encourage readers to read your other posts/blogs, which match their interests, as they will be given the impression you are knowledgeable in your field and therefore trust and give more authority to what you write. All of this will contribute to reading the time of your blogs which is essentially what will be earning you money.

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